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Piano Accessories

Shawn's Piano Accessories

To compliment your piano purchase, we also offer a wide range of accessories to make your investment even more enjoyable and long-lasting:

  • Player systems – Shawn's Piano installs custom player piano systems. Our systems record and playback, accompany your favorite artist, can play with the full expression of the original artist or be turned down to a whisper.
  • Climate control systems – Shawn's piano recommends and offers installation of the Piano Life Saver system from Dampp-Chaser. In use for over 60 years, these systems help protect your piano from the damaging effects of large swings in relative humidity.
  • Piano Covers – Shawn's Piano carries custom premium quilted piano covers of high quality nylon fabric for maximum protection of your piano.
  • Benches – We carry many sizes, styles and colors of piano benches.
  • Fallboard Locks – Shawn's Piano carries fallboard locks that are ideal for use in schools, churches and other institutional settings, ensuring only authorized personnel have access to the piano.
  • Piano Trucks and Casters – If only a very occasional repositioning of your piano is anticipated, it's possible the original casters may be sufficient. For pianos that need to be moved frequently within a room, an upgrade to double wheel casters is recommended. For pianos that need to be moved regularly across large rooms, do different rooms and/or across flooring that is difficult to roll on, an upgrade to a specially designed piano truck is recommended. Shawn's Piano provides and installs upgrade casters and trucks for any size piano.