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"Working with Shawn is as close as you can come in this day and age to working with a Renaissance master craftsman. Nobody knows more, or cares more, about pianos. My A-1 came back to me sounding and looking better than it did on the day it left the Steinway factory more than a century ago. It was a magical ride."

Robert Forbes
owner of a Steinway A-1, ca. 1892
fully restored by Shawn's Piano, completed in 2014

"The Ritmuller studio upright is very affordable, well-constructed, extremely durable, and has great sound."

Charles Emerich, music director, Kent School, Kent, CT
purchased five 47" Ritmuller studio uprights for the school

"I was impressed with all the Ritmullers. I liked the action and the sound. And Shawn is very supportive of his products; I know if I called and told him there was a problem, he'd be there in a flash to fix it. He wants you to be happy."

Richard Chiarappa, conductor, West Hartford Symphony
owner of a 7' Ritmuller grand

"Shawn's not a merchandiser...he won't sell an instrument unless he's sold on it himself. The 7' sounds like a concert grand; the action on the upright is as responsive as any I've tuned, and they have a clean, clear upper register. These are wonderfully stable pianos-they really hold a tune--and then having Shawn and his staff behind them---it's an awesome combination."

Royden Wilkinson, piano technician, teacher and performer
owner of both a 7' Ritmuller grand and a 51" Ritmuller professional upright
and currently own's a 9' Ritmuller grand

"You can buy a piano anywhere, but you need to have it worked on. Shawn and his group provide incredible service; he will find out what sound you like and work on your piano until you get what you want. I've known Shawn for 20 years-he wouldn't take on a line of pianos he couldn't stand behind."

Steve Johnson
owner of both a 7' Ritmuller grand and a 47" Ritmuller studio upright

"I could go to Shawn's and play for as long as I wanted, as often as I wanted. The pianos are in tune and Shawn has the technical expertise to answer any questions. It's great for those of us who have ears but who can't afford a Bosendorfer or a Steinway."

Jane Peacock, music director, ST. Bartholomew Church, Manchester, CT
purchased a 7' Ritmuller grand for the church

"My older and more advanced students love the action on the grand. Even the action on the upright is heavy enough so I can work with arm weight and talk about playing deep into the keys with my younger students."

Diane Cook, piano teacher, Danbury, CT
owner of both a 7' Ritmuller grand and a 51" Ritmuller professional upright

"I looked for my piano for two years ... .I couldn't find the sound I wanted for under $80,000! Then I played a Ritmuller; it had a bigger sound than I thought it would---more sound than I thought I could afford."

Myrna Reynolds, professional singer and voice teacher
owner of a 6' Ritmuller grand

"Besides being wonderfully sound structurally, and extremely attractive, my Ritmuller has a brilliant, clear, and rich tone with plenty of power and resonance"

Jan Bush, piano teacher, Rochester, NY
owner of a 7' Ritmuller grand

"I never believed I could find a grand piano with such beautifully resonant and even sound quality at this price. Shawn's company has been a dream to work with."

Anhared Stowe, founder and violinist with New World Trio & Principal Second Violinist of the Hartford Symphony
owner of a 6' Ritmuller grand